Suzuki doesn’t have a new MotoGP team manager after Brivio resigns – Davide Brivio’s move to Formula 1 left a void at the Suzuki Ecstar. But until now the team has not appointed a new manager to replace Brivio. Head of the Suzuki MotoGP Project, Shinichi Sahara, said that Brivio’s position was vital, because it could not be filled with an external manager but had to be internal Suzuki. “We also have competent employees who help us in management. I have full confidence in the team structure we have and in the people who help build it,” said Shinichi.

Suzuki doesn’t have a new MotoGP team manager after Brivio resigns

suzuki-doesnt-have-a-new-motogp-team-manager-after-brivio-resigns – Sahara believes Brivio does have an important role in the team’s success in the 2020 season, but it was achieved thanks to the hard work of everyone. “I think we can handle the situation with the people inside Suzuki, and that’s the best way for us,” he said. “We know who we are, how we work, how we interact with each other and what we need,” explains Sahara. The Japanese man said it did not mean that without Brivio the team composition had to be changed. Because restructuring is a common thing.

“The team structure always needs to be improved to get maximum performance from every member, even without Davide leaving,” he said. Sahara is also not worried that without Brivio it could affect the development of Alex Rins and Joan Mir in the 2021 season. “It will not affect the ability of our riders to fight for the championship,” said Sahara. “We are already champions and we have two young riders, talented and great. They know how to deal with difficulties or difficult situations and always control the pressure,” he said.