Rumors of PCX 160 Will Be Released in RI, Honda PCX 150 Rare in Dealers? – There are rumors of the appearance of the Honda PCX 160 in 2021. The news reportedly makes stock for Honda PCX 150 motorcycles increasingly difficult to find in Honda’s official dealers. Is it true?

Rumors of PCX 160 Will Be Released in RI, Honda PCX 150 Rare in Dealers?


memphis-misraim-international –  team had the opportunity to visit three Honda authorized dealers located on Jl. Jatinegara, Jl. Dewi Sartika and Jl. Condet Raya to confirm these rumors. Is it true that PCX 150 is still available for sale or is out of stock?

The first dealer we went to was located on Jl. Dewi Sartika, where the Honda dealer is one of the largest and most comprehensive. When asked to the sales clerk there, it was stated that the stock of the Honda PCX 150 was only a few, with limited color variants.

“For the Honda PCX 150 there are not many stocks, only the ABS and CBS variants are left. Meanwhile, only black and blue are left for the color variants.

Meanwhile, when asked about the presence of the Honda PCX 160, the man could not confirm whether the motorbike would be released soon or not.

“When it comes to the Honda PCX 160, I cannot confirm whether it will be present or not, because currently we are only focused on selling the Honda PCX 150 to consumers who are going to buy it,” he added.

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The sales clerk predicts that the presence of the PCX 160 will not be much different from the PCX 150. He said that there will likely be only slight changes to the design, where the big change is of course the increase in engine capacity to 160 cc.

After visiting the Honda dealer on Jl. Dewi Sartika, the detikOto team tried to go to an authorized Honda dealer located on Jl. Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

When asked one of the sales staff there, it was revealed that the stock of the Honda PCX 150 had run out, both the ABS and CBS versions. He explained that the lack of stock for the Honda PCX 150 was due to rumors of the launch of the Honda PCX 160 series.

“We have run out of stock for the Honda PCX 150, yes, there is one left but it has been booked by someone. Most likely the PCX that will enter will have a 160 series. Because there are rumors about the presence of the PCX 160, so we exhaust the stock of the Honda PCX 150. “he said when asked.

The man said yes when asked about the rumors of the launch of the Honda PCX 160 variant, which in a few days ago the info appeared on the official website of Astra Honda Motor.

“If the PCX 160 (series) is likely to exist, the rumors will replace the PCX 150. But for the price and release, we are not sure,” he said.
Honda PCX 160 Launching February or March?

The third dealer we visited was located at Jl. Condet Raya, East Jakarta. One of the sales staff there revealed that the Honda PCX 150 stock only remained in the ABS variant and the black color.

“For the PCX 150 (series) only ABS is left, while for the color only black remains,” said the sales clerk.

He also explained that the presence of the PCX 150 which was running low was due to the Honda PCX 160 series which will be released in the near future. So that PCX 150 only consumes old stock that has not been sold.

Most likely because soon Honda will issue the PCX 160 series, so the stock HondaPCX 150 will not be shipped again, and replaced with the latest PCX 160, “he explained.

However, when asked when the Honda PCX 160 went on sale and at what price, he could not confirm this because he had not received further information.

“For the price and when the release date is not known, most likely between February or March,” he concluded.